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Surely everyone is familiar with Genova for its Acquario, the Palazzo Ducale, Via del Campo….

But, there are many other sights to see and experience—and at whatever hour of the day. Day or night, this Ligurian city is a creature in perpetual motion. It is full of new attractions, presentations and interesting initiatives.

Fortunately, the Nologo Hotel is found right in the center of this animated universe where monuments live side by side in harmony with chic restaurants and trendy fashionable places, elegant shops at all price ranges, and novel attractions to please the visitors to this exceptional city.  

Experience our Smart Itineraries: the best in Genova... all in walking distance from our hotel...

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Quality without compromise The more stars a hotel has, the better the quality? No. This is an outmoded idea. Nologo, for us, means that quality is above all a...