Romantic Genova

Caruggi and crêuze are the spirit of the more authentic Genova. A stroll hand in hand through this labyrinth oozing with fragrances and popular scents is an experience that touches your soul. Whatever you do, wrap up your jaunt at the marketplace in Piazza Banchi and receive a complimentary floral arrangement.

Porto Antico is the number one destination of those in love. But for a kiss that will take your breath away, go to the Isola delle Chiatte—a floating structure projected by Renzo Piano from which you may enjoy a spectacular view.

Take a ride on the Bigo, a panoramic elevator that connects the port with the upper part of the city, and you will have Genova at your feet. An exciting experience. A stunning panorama.

We don't want you to miss the Passeggiata a Mare di Nervi—one of the most romantic walkways in the world. From the small harbor, Mare di Nervi, to the slip dock at Capolungo, there winds—for two kilometers—a rare beauty amongst agaves and blossoming gardens.

Just about an hour from Genova, the Via dell’Amore, a pathway high above the sea, unites the borghi of Rio Maggiore and Manarola. We are at the Cinque Terre, on the riviera of La Spezia. Enjoy the characteristic borghi and the sensational slopping terraces lining the sea.

If you have time for still another trip outside the city, Sant’Ilario is highly recommended. It is the town that the singer, Fabrizio D’Andrè, sings of in Bocca di Rose—dedicated to lovers of love and Italian music.

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