As you would like me to be

What music do you enjoy? The Nologo Hotel allows you to choose the room made especially for you—inspired by the hot-blooded rhythms of jazz, the smooth vibrations of the blues, the pure adrenalin of rock, the more refined pop, to the engrossing sound of reggae...

Music to listen to and music to live with. Each conscious room choice, including its fitting furnishings, brings to mind a particular musical touchstone. That room reproduces an atmosphere. It becomes the leitmotif of your stay making it an extraordinary experience that you will wish to repeat and recommend to others. 

Yet beyond the esthetic, there is functionality and the comfortableness of surroundings designed with attention to endurableness. All these rooms are provided with complimentary Wi-Fi and other services that cannot be renounced even when you are traveling.

Turn on your preferred music and enjoy your sojourn at the rhythm you desire...

Layar - enhanced reality

We have chosen to render your stay unique and unforgettable...interactive!

On our premises, you can access information, images, audio and visual files via LAYAR—the complimentary app that allows you to view interactive content in Enhanced Reality.

Download the complimentary app LAYAR (

Look for this symbol  and set the content to discover all the interactive content.
Add a touch of music to your room with the personalized playlist.
Inside your room, look for the target of the music or image reader, set it with your smartphone and then select the soundtrack that you favor.

Nologo style

Quality without compromise The more stars a hotel has, the better the quality? No. This is an outmoded idea. Nologo, for us, means that quality is above all a...