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Nologo Style

Hotel Nologo - The more the stars, the higher the quality. An outmoded concept

Uncompromising quality

The more stars a hotel has, the better the quality? No. This is an outmoded idea.

Nologo, for us, means that quality is above all a question of style, an absolute value. Behind every selection of furnishings that we have studied—what we believe to be essential—there is concealed an extreme attention to detail.

We trust in Beauty and Talent and we are passionate about Colors and Cheerfulness which are their expressions. 

For these reasons, we have opened our creative doors to the students at the Istituto Artistico (Art Institute) Klee-Barabino of Genoa, asking them to turn on the lights of the common spaces of the Nologo Hotel watching them become distinctive elements.

Appearance and comfort. A modern hydromassage and an enormous games area wait for you on the terrace of the first floor of the hotel. Here you can relax alone in peace and quiet or with your children.

For whatever you need, please consult our youthful and dynamic team. They will partner with you offering the maximum of courtesy and availability.

The Nologo Hotel measures quality when it offers an extremely careful attention to cleanliness.

Perfect functionality is sought after in whatever choice the hotel decides on. Without compromise!

Uncompromising quality.

  • Bar on the go

    For a coffee or a fresh drink, directly ask our staff.

  • Bike sharing

    Are you a bike lover? For you there is the citizens' rent-a-bike MoBike.

  • Served breakfast

    Upon request, a delicious breakfast based on croissant, bread, cookies, jams, cornflakes, fruits, cold cuts and cheeses is on the economic menu. Also, for those who are intolerant.

    Ready, set, go… But first, start your day with a delicious breakfast!

    For only 4,50 € you can order our staff a breakfast basket including 2 drinks (orange juice + American coffee, cappuccino, espresso or tea) and a choice of two courses:

    • Bread with ham, jam or nutella
    • Yogurt with jam, cereals or fruit
    • 1 Apple or 1 orange
    • Brioche with jam or nutella

    And if you need gluten-free products, we have a little selection of schär products.


    PS: Are you wondering why we do not serve buffet breakfast? Thus, we manage to reduce wastes and guarantee a better price.


    Download the breakfast menu

  • Hygienic cleaning

    Your wellbeing is our first concern. For this, we dedicate special attention when cleaning daily.

  • DIY Lunch and Dinner

    A multifunctional microwave is at your disposal for you to prepare by yourself simple lunches, dinners and snacks.

  • Tablet Time

    Search for information, calculate trips and remain up to date with our iPad.

  • Think green

    Practical soap eco-dispenser. Helps you avoid waste respecting the environment.

  • Wi-Fi free

    Navigate and work as you wish—without time limit.