Genova Sound

Music is part of the Hotel Nologo DNA, as it is part of Genoa DNA.

In the late Fifties, in a Genoa atmosphere suspended between the economic boom and a still popular culture, some young songwriters started meeting to compose music and words that would indelibly influenced the history of Italian music.

It was the birth of the so-called "Genovese School", made up of Fabrizio De Andrè, the youngest of the party, Gino Paoli, Gian Franco and Gian Piero Reverberi, Giorgio Calabrese, Luigi Tenco, Bruno Lauzi and Umberto Bindi.

These guys were strongly influenced by European music, poetry and literature, and started to write songs totally different from those of their contemporaries, that tell the real life they lived. Songs that often have as background the beautiful city of Genoa, with its narrow streets and squares populated by thieves and robbers, prostitutes and old women, so full of poetry and anger.

Via del Campo is the street of Genoa that gave name to one of the most famous songs of De Andrè. The village of St. Ilario, where lived Bocca di Rosa – another character of a De Andrè song - is a real part of the city. The Roby Bar (former dairy Igea) is the real place where the famous "four friends" by Gino Paoli met. Boccadasse village is home to the attic from which you can see the sea, where Gino Paoli lived and where he wrote his masterpiece “La Gatta”.

To live Genova outside the box, take the streets beaten by Fabrizio De Andrè, venture into the old bars and historical shops and go in search of Genova extraordinary musical history.

Nologo style

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