Genova by yourself

Who was it who said that to travel alone is sad?

Diverse. But very stimulating. Especially in Genova—above all if your setting out point is the strategically located Nologo Hotel.

If you wish to spend some time shopping, look around: the boutiques on Via XX Settembre and Via San Vincenzo; the ethnic atmosphere of the Mercato Orientale, and the craftspersons' shops in the historical center are there for the purpose of tempting you.

Nevertheless, if you prefer museums and monuments, follow the footprints of illustrious Genoese and visit the Home of Niccolò Paganini and that of Cristoforo Colombo.

The Palazzo Ducale and the Cattedrale di San Lorenzo, with their goldsmith and sacred masterpieces of art, are classic destinations one needs to view. They are the laymen's and laywomen's, and those religious, symbols of medieval Genova. One should also visit the Cimitero (Cemetery) Monumentale di Staglieno, one of the largest in Europe, where are buried, among others, Giuseppe Mazzini, Nino Bixio and the song composer Fabrizio De André.

A plate of trofie al pesto or a slice of the famous focaccia di Recco will give you the energy to continue on your way towards the Palazzo Reale—its Galleria degli Specchi (Gallery of Mirrors) is worthy of Versailles—and the Palazzo del Principe, without doubt, are the most important monumental complexes of the Genoese Rennaissance.

A tour of Genova should terminate at the foot of the Lanterna—the Dominante dei Mari (Watcher of the Seas). Its origin dates back to 1128 and has always been the welcoming symbol of the city.

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