Genova by night

Would you like a cocktail?

Genova's night life begins early and has seductive rhythms to it.

Try Xò in Piazza Vittoria's very close-by location. Excellent drinks in an original 1930s ambient.

The Barbarossa is a must. And the  Storico Lounge Cafè, one of the “in” places at the moment, offers a rich buffet and a vast assortment of cocktails.

Go around the corner and in Piazza delle Erbe you will be just amazed at what is on offer for you: off-beat haunts truely unique and stylish.   

And dinner? Just a short distance from the Nologo Hotel, the restaurant Kombo reinterprets Japanese cuisine basing its menu on quality and recipes both traditional and experimental gelling them together in a magnificent equilibrium.

For those lovers of the classical style, Il Rustichello and Il Genovese are two typical restauranst among those most appreciated in Genova. Another famous restaurant is Zeffirino, a high quality restaurant noted for having hosted, over the years, Frank Sinatra and popes.

Staying out late in Genova is quite easy to do. Every evening, at the Quaalude, a crazy gathering place for those who love rock, pulp and alternative music, one can unwind.

Design colored lighting make Mako the most “in” hangout in the city. For good live music, everyone frequents Senhor do Bonfim in Nervi area.

Hip hop, reggae and house music can be enjoyed at Neo 262. Other great places to visit are: La Claque, Estoril and Albikokka which is located on the beach in Quarto area.

For those who are fans of VIP-watching, there is Clan, the home base of the comic Luca Bizzarri.  Musicians and famous personages often visit here.  

If you have stayed out very late, into the early morning, before “coming home” to the Nologo Hotel, look for a bakery just opened, and gift yourselves a slice of focaccia genovese fresh out of the oven. Unforgettable!

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