Nologo hotel Genova

Something truly quite special

Design, services, staff, advantageous rates. That's what our Nologo hotel offers you. And right in the pulsating center of Genova.

The essential design selects music as its inspiring theme and declares it so with an exquisite appreciation that gratifies the aesthetic sense of every traveler, of any age.

The services go beyond every expectation, and cater to the needs of the he or she on a business trip, couples on a romantic escapade, families with children and groups of friends. The minimum of frills; the most of flair.

The youthful and well-trained staff will stun you with their enthusiasm and courtesy—their friendly smiles and their perfect-like efficiency always at your beck and call.

The rates are not what you might have expected—tempting. Just as you would have requested the philosophy of a hotel, entirely projected to satisfy the requirements of visiting tourists, to be.

The Nologo Hotel welcomes you.  
We are open all year round right in the center of Genova: hospitality as you never have had imagined it!

About us

If you are looking for a comfortable stay in the heart of Genova-choose Nologo hotel! ... supermadzia, Lods - Poland Tripadvisor

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Blues family rooms

Jazz rooms

Quadruple reggae rooms

Rock double rooms

Triple pop rooms

Nologo style

Quality without compromise The more stars a hotel has, the better the quality? No. This is an outmoded idea. Nologo, for us, means that quality is above all a...